A trail passing through lush forests between Sachen and Yuksom
Somewhere between rhododendron trees and mysterious moss-covered structures, we reached Tsokha 
The joy of waking up to this sunrise from the Tsokha campsite is unparalleled
The trail from Tsokha to Dzongri meandering through a rhododendron forest
The ascent to Devralli Top in the rain was possibly one of the toughest stretches
Sunrise at Dzongri Top with the clouds gradually unravelling Pandim, Tenzingkhang, Japuney and Lama – Lamuney
Alpenglow on Japuney
Mt. Pandim emerging through the clouds
Black Kabru draped in Fall hues
Vibrant autumn colours extending from India to Nepal
Rainbow seen on a beam of sunlight piercing through the clouds
Blackie, the faithful doggo who led us from Sachen to Dzongri Top, resting on a pile of prayer flags.
Colorful shrubs and bushes scattered like paint drops on a yellow canvas
Color, color, what color do you choose?
Dense forests on the path from Kokchurang to Thansing, painted with moss and fall colours
Camping on the foothills of Mt. Pandim, Tenzingkhang and Japuney
Prekchu river snaking through the Thansing-Lamuney Valley with campsites in the distance
A herd of Himalayan Blue Sheep

I took a pill in Lamuney

Thansing-Lamuney Valley seen  from ViewPoint 1
Kanchenchenjunga at sunrise. ViewPoint 1, Goechala
© 2021 Vishal Gupta
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